Section 508 Resources

Federal agencies are responsible for ensuring their information and services are accessible to persons with disabilities. The Revised 508 Standards include not just IT tools and systems, but electronic content such as documents, web pages, presentations, social media content, blogs, and certain emails.


Learn how to create accessible Microsoft Word documents that conform to the Revised 508 Standards.

Electronic Signatures

Electronic signatures digitally validate or acknowledge PDF documents, online forms, or specialized e-signature software.


Create accessible Portable Document Format (PDF) documents that conform to the Revised 508 Standards.


Create accessible Microsoft Powerpoint presentations.

Software & Websites

Learn how the Revised 508 standards apply to software applications, web content, operating systems, and more.


Create accessible Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Universal Design

Read more about the concept of universal design and how to apply it to federal agencies and products.

Synchronized Media (Multimedia)

Summary of considerations for the development of synchronized media including captions, transcripts, and audio descriptions.

Video, Audio and Social Media

Create accessible video, audio, social media posts.